Sedgefield Tour

We drive up the hill to the township where you get to engage with the community in their day to day lives. Our township name is called Smutsville which was named after Oom Boet Smuts who was a tobacco farmer from Northern Cape, he used to live up the Cloud 9 where you do your paragliding and also where you get to see the view of Sedgefield.

We start off at Fresh Start a charity Organisation whose main aim is to empower people to make a start of their life. They are located at the Sedgefield Primary School in Smutsville, here children are encouraged to exchange recycled materials for ”mula” points and trade these points for new and second hand goods which are donated by local residents.They work with children from Grade-R to Grade 7. Every Wednesday they serve about 58 children from 1:30pm to 4:00pm with help from volunteers from the community both township and the village. They offer kids a fruit in season. The Swop shop is stocked with stationary, toys, toiletries, educational toys and clothing.

As we walk across the road we get to meet Aunt Mina who makes bags from recycled fruit juice boxes that she picks up on the side of the road or from local people in the community, she faces difficulty with walking but that doesn’t stand in her way to make a living.

Around the corner we meet up with a local creche called the Little Teddies Owned by Giadys  Jafta we get serenaded in a song.The creche has 5 full time teachers and they look after more than 65 toddlers who are divided into 3 classes with different age groups from 3months to 5 years. As we drive along you get to visit local taverns,saloons,tuck shops and happy faces along the road.


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